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DUI Lawyer PPC Case Study

1,375% Increase In Monthly Lead Volume

Anonymous DUI/DWI Lawyer Client

Our DUI lawyer client wishes to remain anonymous, but agreed to still let us share his results over the past 30 days. The client came to us in the beginning with a small Adwords campaign that was pulling about 4-8 leads per month. This was in June. By August we had a campaign built out and optimized and churning out leads steadily. To put into perspective what we’ve done, we’ve taken the client from 4-8 leads per month to (in the past 30 days) 55 leads! Massive improvement, also keep in mind that if the client closes just one lead into a client, the revenue from that deal is anywhere from $3,500-$10,000+

*(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget.
Bigger budgets get bigger results)*

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